Type design is way more than passion: Typography is a foundation of precise and coherent communication.

From 2009 Jakob Runge has been fired by letters and type systems. After studying communication design at the University of applied sciences in Würzburg (BA) and then at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel (MA), his master’s project was published as FF Franziska in 2014, and became a successful textface at FontFont.
A new dad, he works in Munich as an independent type and brand designer who specialises in developing typefaces and custom lettering for corporate and editorial design.
Alongside working in the design industry, Jakob is active in typographic education. Along with running numerous workshops at universities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, he has been a lecturer for typography and type design at FH Münster from 2011.
Together with Nils Thomsen runs the Font Foundry TypeMates to create new retail fonts and custom font solutions.


Jakob Runge
Hinterhainberg 4a
94496 Ortenburg, Germany
T: +49 (0)176 21821289

VAT Reg No: DE294103379


Among others, worked with:
twotype design, Hamburg
FontFont, Berlin
Gestalten Verlag, Berlin
Magent, Kiel
Kontext Kommunikation, Heidelberg
Anzinger Wüschner Rasp, München
balleywasl*, München
PL Studio PietschLim
G+J Corporate Editors, Hamburg
The Hamptons Bay, München
Produce Me, Dresden
Famous Visual Services, Melbourne
Hagebau, baumarkt direkt GmbH, Hamburg
video2brain, Graz

Lectures and teaching

Teaching at university of applied sciences Münster, Germany · since 2011

Type Design Workshops and lectures at universities in Würzburg, Düsseldorf, Basel, Dornbirn , Kiel, Darmstadt and HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd · since 2011

Speaker at TYPO Berlin 2015

Talk on »FF Franziska« and »Lenbach Grotesk« at tgm Munich · 2013, 2014

Talk »Slab & Serif« at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design · 2013

Talk at »TypoTalk – Gespräche über Schrift« within the exhibition »On Type« in Mainz · 2012

Talk »Unscheinbare Zeichen« within series of lectures »Querschnitte« at faculty of architecture at university Bochum · 2012

Talk »Hüftschuss – mal daneben, mal ins Schwarze« at symposium »Typogravieh lebt #8« in Weimar · 2012

Tutorial of supplementary typography at Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design · 2011–2012

Technical and administrative assistance of »Spoleto Summer School« with Prof. Gertrud Nolte (FH Würzburg) in Umbria, Italy · 2010

Awards and Exhibitions

Honoured by Type Directors Club (TDC) for the typeface Harrison Serif
New York · 2018

Recognised in the annual Type Directors Club (TDC) competition for (realization: FontFont. Content: Jakob Runge)
New York · 2015

Winner in CommArts Typography Annual 2015
Menlo Park, CA · 2015

Winner of Joseph Binder Award in the field of type design (Gold & Silver)
Wien · 2014

European Newspaper Award 2013 in the category of Typography, with twotype design

Awarded first Price in Student Type Design Competition 2013 of Fine Press Book Association
New York & London · 2013

Part of special exhibition »Call for Type. Neue Schriften« at Gutenberg-Museum
Mainz · 2013

Part of »Object Future« at Brunswick Street Gallery
Melbourne · 2013

Press and publications

Eassy and typefaces in »Yearbook of Type II« by Slanted Publishers, at Niggli Publishing
Sulgen · 2015 · ISBN 978-3721209426

»Neue Schriften. New Typefaces.« at Niggli Publishing
Sulgen · 2013 · ISBN 978-3721208924

»Yearbook of Type« at Niggli Publishing
Sulgen · 2013 · ISBN 978-3721208610

»Typodarium« of 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 at Hermann Schmidt Mainz Publishing

»Typoversity« und »Typoversity 2« at Norman Beckmann publishing
Berlin · 2011, 2013 · ISBN 978-3939028253 & ISBN 978-3939028352

»Slanted« within the issues »#10: Heavy Metal. Lovers«, »#15: Experimental«, »#16: Bold/Light« and »#21: CUBA – The New Generation«
Karlsruhe · 2010 to 1013

»GrAphorisms« by SHS Publishing
Rom · 2012

»PAGE«, issue December 2012
Hamburg · 2012

Featured in »Rang&Namen N°3« magazine
Weimar · 2012

Mannheim · 2012


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